September 14, 2018

Five Things Making Me Happy Lately and How to Find Them


Happy Friday, everybody.

There has been a lot of negativity lately coming from every different direction around me. There are stresses from work, family, and friends and it's been difficult to find the small things in every day that are worth it. A lot of my peers come to me for advice or to vent, and I can help them find good things in their everyday strifes from an outside perspective. It's easier to do when you're not in the situation just because you see things differently from the person experiencing their stresses and a different perspective almost always helps. That being said, I needed to take a step back from my shoes and look at myself from a different perspective, breathe, and recognize all of the good things I have. 

I have a full-time job, with benefits, that pays the bills and gives me the opportunity to save money. I have a roof over my head. I have food in the fridge. I have the opportunity to buy new clothes and have some play money every week in my checks. I work with a core of amazing people. I have an incredible best friend that I have had for eleven years. I have a beautiful significant other who loves me for who I am. I have been able to travel. I have a supportive and reasonable mom. I spend my spare time attending so so so many concerts. And, although everybody around me is in their own stressful situations right now, I am surrounded by love. 

The easiest way I can find the good in everything is by finding three good things in every day. This has a page in my bullet journal so I can spend time at the end of my day reflecting on my day, finding the good, and making a more conscious effort to emphasize on the good the next day. It's such a small task that only takes a few minutes, but I find that it helps my mindset immensely. I challenge you all to take the extra five minutes out of your night and collect at least three good things that happened through your day. 

On a larger scale, I was reading Dorkface's blog post and it inspired me to culminate five good things   that bring consistent joy to my life.

1. The leaves are f i n a l l y changing colors.

2. Hereditary is a film that exists and I own it on DVD so I can watch it anytime.

3. My heart is broken from Mac Miller, but his music fills my heart still.

4. I have cool gifts planned for all of the celebrations I have coming up.

5. This is the first of three consecutive weekends of concerts:  Dodie Clark, Elijah Daniel, and Foxing, respectively.

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