May 1, 2018

Small May Goals

I had to stop myself from posting the photo of Justin Timberlake at the top.

Hello, and happy Spring! I am writing this in short sleeves, and jean shorts, complete with a dirty pair of white converse, ready to go spend some time outdoors after months of winter in Chicago. 
Since the beginning of the year, I have been trying to get myself on track with making and meeting goals, and it has not been easy. I have a dry-erase board hanging above my bed where I write my goals for the week because it is s o  s a t i s f y i n g to wipe something off when it's done. I've posted goals for myself on here previously, but I never check in on them and next month I am going to check in on these goals, as well as create new ones. It's all of your jobs to hold me accountable. Thanks in advance. (:

Spend more time outside
I've already been on my first bike ride of the season, I can't wait to buy a bike rack for the back of my car so I can visit some forest preserves. I've spent so many months inside because of snow, so I'm going to brace these next few months as much as possible.

Limit material purchases to one thing a week
I'm going to see Hamilton next week, so that's my exception. But, I spend way too much money on CDs and DVDs, and Funko pops. So, I'm limiting myself to one thing a week in an effort to save money because there is a list of trips I'm trying to go on this year. If you all would be interested in that, leave a comment down below. (:

Spring clean my room
It needs to be deep cleaned. Floor scrubbed, vacuumed, and things need to be dusted. I also need to clean out my closet, and go through my belongings because we are having a garage sale at the end of the month, and I have so much clutter and so many things that can go.

Read one book a week
I love to read, but I have been in a bad reading funk lately where I can't find a book that I am interested in. HOWEVER, I just finished Everyday by David Leviathan, and I am going to the library to pick up Another Day as soon as I am finished typing this post out. I cannot wait, Teen Lit is where it's at for me.

Finish one large writing project
I have started so many stories that have hit a wall because I never have the motivation to work on them, but that is all going to change this month because I am going to push through one and finish a rough draft. I haven't picked which one yet, but it's time to finish one of them and really strap down in terms of writing. 

Speaking of writing, I have my first poem published in Ink & Nebula, and it's called Park Lane Drive. A special thank you to them for taking the first poem I am proud of and publishing it. It's been such an accomplishment, and also a motivator to continue writing. 

Leave some of your goals in the comments down below. I hope you all have a great month. (:

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