April 2, 2018

April Goals

Hello, hello. (:

Let's change the phrase to March showers bring April flowers because I am feeling p r e t t y  g o o d about April. I feel off of the track in regards to a lot of things in March, which has negated my headspace. There has been nothing in particular that is making me feel better about how April is going to go, I just have high hopes and am currently feeling motivated about taking some large life steps.

As I've previously talked about, baby steps are stills steps, and I've lost my own advice somewhere in the March madness. Here's to April, to baby steps.

  • Workout every day, and keep track of it
  • Read one book a week
  • Write one poem a week & submit for publication at the end of the month
  • Save at least $50/week & pay off one large bill
  • Do two job applications a week

Aside from setting goals, I have some larger projects and ideas in mind that I would like to execute this month (like, um, blog more?) But, I'm sure you'll see it all unfold as it happens.

Happy first of the month, everybody. Let's make it a good one. 

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