March 20, 2018

Struggling for Structure

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I saw a tweet yesterday that said, "Having a set work schedule is better than sex," and I whole-heartedly believe that. 
I hate that my life doesn't have much structure, and that I can't keep order in my life because my work schedule is sporadic, but it's been one more incentive to get out of retail. My next big life goal is to get a full-time job with regular hours which would give me more time to write, crochet, read, take French classes, learn yoga, and get some decent sleep.

Until I can get that in order, let's talk about the blog for a second. I've been sparce on here, but I want to start coming on here more often. It's hard to stick to a day of the week because of my work schedule. But, right now, I think Tuesdays and Saturdays are what I'm aiming for. I'd like to make Tuesdays a post more general interest pieces that fit into the blogging atmosphere, and Saturdays more of a weekly round-up.

(Is that a bit of a schedule forming? Incredible.)

Sticking to this, I wanted to talk about the ways that I make time for the things that I love in every day, and make sure that I can get small things done that are going to make big differences.

I live by my planner. I have dates planned out for concerts, and events, and holidays, and bills in advance. That's what I think a planner works best for: things that are further down the line that I need to plan for. On Black Friday, I picked up a weekly desk planner (mine is no longer available, but these are all similar), and it has changed everything because I can micro-plan. Now, I can mark down the time of my shift, and schedule time to go to the gym, read, write, etc. around my work day without getting overwhelmed by the upcoming events for the month. 

I've also found it helpful to make To-Do lists on a dry erase board. I have one hanging above my bed for things I need to get done this week. They're larger tasks that don't necessarily need a time slot, as long as they get done. For example, one of these days I need to clean the floors in the bedroom, but I'll find some time that is not taken on the daily planner to do it. Finally, I can scratch it off my board, and it makes me feel more accomplished.

I think being able to find order in disorder is important. When the most substantial part of your living 

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