February 5, 2018

Small February Goals

I didn't set any goals for myself for the month of January, but that's because I was focused more on my resolutions as a whole than on a smaller scale. But, we've entered a brand new, super short, one of my favorite months, and I've decided to set myself some small, yet important goals.

1. Workout 
I'd like to do so a majority of the days of the month, whether it's at home or it's a trip to the gym. I have little to no reason to not work out, I just find excuses, but I really want to make this a good year for my fitness. I've done a decent job with working out in January, but this month I really want to get on track.

2. Read more. 
The goal is roughly two books a week if I'm going to meet my goal for the year. I just haven't quite been in the mood for reading, but hopefully that bug comes back soon.

3. One Poem a Week
This is my writing goal. I've been stuck on the same idea for a chapbook, so I have this mindset that all of my pieces need to revolve around this theme, and it has me stumped. I'm going to break away from that headspace this month, and write whatever comes. Pen to paper, baby steps.

4. Find a New Job
I am drained every single night. All I can do is complain about work because it's just draining and it has a negative impact on everything I do, and that needs to change ASAP. I'm going to make a full-blown effort to make that large step in my life. Fingers crossed.

5. Practice French
One of my NYE Resolutions is to become fluent in French. I'm going to take the step this month, whether it be a class or a program, and learn more than I currently know. I don't want the five years of classes to be for nothing, and I love the language.

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