January 24, 2018

January Book Recommendation

(Disclaimer: I'm really bad at book reviews. All I can really tell you is how much I loved this book, and what an angel Nina LaCour is for creating this.)

I don't talk much about books on here, but that's going to change because I read as often as possible. In 2017 I read this book, and it's stuck with me because of it's poetic prose, and hunting grief that has settled in my stomach. 

The novel focuses on Marin, who is away at school and stays in the dorms during winter break. She gets a visit from her friend Mabel, who is leaving the dorms in three days and is trying to figure out what's happened to Marin and their relationship. There are holes in Marin's past, including events with her grandfather, and her mother which slowly unravels as the novel goes on. 

The theme of queer identity arises as it's exposed that there were mutual romantic feelings between Marin and Mabel, and their relationship, both past and present, unravels with time. One of my favorite aspects of the story is how LaCour plays with time. The chapters alternate between the past and the present. As Marin is figuring out things about her past, the reader learns these things, putting the reader into a parallel with Marin as the plot progresses.

There are several layers to  We Are Okay, and several plots happening which makes the novel a labyrinth of literary genius. After keeping you wondering about each relationship Marin reveals, I felt complete with each plot and layer because there were emotionally satisfying conclusions. It tells a few beautiful stories woven into one plot, and I cannot recommend this book enough for somebody looking for a haunting, heartfelt read targeted towards older teens/young adults.

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