January 5, 2018

Five Things to See in 2018

I value time alone. I've never lived on my own, nor have I worked at a job that wasn't customer service, so when I can spend a little bit of time by myself, it's glorious. It helps me discover new things about myself, and the thought of taking solo trips appeases me because it gives me a break in monotony and some quality time for self-care. These are a few things I would like to do solo this year.

Starved Rock State Park & Warren Dunes State Park
I have previously visited both of these, but I would really like to spend a weekend around them and explore them in depth. They're both relatively close, which I love, but I've only gone for a few hours during the day and I would like to spend some more time around them. I think these are simple, but they're two places I adore.

Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge
I've never been to Tennessee aside from passing through, but I don't think there would be a better place to visit than a cabin in the mountains. Especially for some solidarity and to work on some writing. I fell in love with the mountains in 2007 during a family trip to Pennsylvania, and I have been dying to go back. Hopefully 2018 will be the year to make that happen.

New York on New Years
 This one is a stretch, but I always find New Years to be overrated. I've never really done anything to celebrate besides have some friends over, but I would love to spend some time in New York around the holiday season to see how beautiful it is, and I think those awkward days between Christmas and New Years would be an ideal time to visit.

Portland, Oregon
I would love to see an ocean this year. I have only flown over the Atlantic and swam in lakes and seas. But, I have yet to visit a coast of the United States, and Portland is close enough to the coast with a handful of state parks. Plus, I'll be able to explore a new city and I don't think I could ever tire of the city energy.

Take a Trip with Amanda
I don't have a specific place in mind because I won't be the only person on this trip. Amanda and I have talked about doing something big for our birthdays for a while, and I think we deserve to go on some kind of getaway this year, especially with our birthdays landing on a Friday and a Sunday of the same weekend.

I kept these things small. I have some more places I would like to visit, but I didn't do any traveling in 2017, and I think it would be beneficial to get my feet wet and keep trips short and sweet before diving into excursions. Here's to safe travels in the new year, regardless of how close or far away they may be.

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