January 19, 2018

Favorite Skin Products

We are in the middle of Winter in Chicago and it is cold, to say the least. We've hit negative temperatures for the majority of the week, the forties are considered a heat front, and your girl commutes. My skin gets really dry really quick especially between working with kids and the amount of time I wash my hands in a day, on top of the freezing temperatures. These have been the products saving my skin from getting dry, and breaking out.

African Black Soap
I tried this on a whim after a few women I follow on Instagram raved about it, and I love it. It gets the shelves in my shower a bit dirty, but nothing soap can't take care of. This soap does everything: it moisturizes, it cleans, and it doesn't irritate my skin. They offer a few different products. I've only tried the bar soap, which I use every day, and the face mask, which is also one of the greatest masks I've ever used.

I picked this up during the semi-annual sale at Bath & Body Works because I've been looking for an exfoliant, especially with my skin being so dry in the winter. I've tried exfoliants where the pieces are too large and therefore inadequate, but this works like a dream, especially used with the silicone cleansing brushes. Much like the soap, this is another product I use for cleaning my skin, but I use it every other day and before I wash my face because it opens my pores up, and scrubs off any residue left on my skin before I wash it allowing my face to get even more clean.

Onto moisturizing. Winter has officially been in Chicago for too many months, and as a commuter my skin gets dry traveling between different environments on public transit. This is part of the Aromatherapy collection at Bath and Body Works, and I love that they're utilizing thats scents can make you feel a certain way to make you feel happy, motivated, and energized. It has a citrus scent, and I apply this before my concealer and foundation to keep my skin moisturized throughout the day, which also including an 'energizing' scent. It has my skin ready to start the day even before I've had any coffee.
I've also found myself using this during meditation. I dab a bit on my upper lip to keep the scent at a minimum, but still prevalent. It's been the gateway to exploring more aromatherapy this year.

This was a birthday gift, and it has quickly become night time staple. It's a heavier cream than standard lotion, so I pop it on between washing my face and falling asleep and it keeps my skin from drying out while sleeping with my radiator on. Although it's thicker, it applies easily, and it doesn't leave my skin greasy in the morning. It also sets deeper into my skin, which is why I prefer to wear it overnight before it has the time to set it and rest instead of putting makeup on immediately after.

I try to do a face mask about once a week to deep clean my skin after facing the elements, wearing makeup, and working with the public. This has been my go-to for months. It's lavender scented, which is a plus in regards to skin products for me. It leaves my skin feeling clean, and so soft. This works best after a warm shower or bath when my pores are open. It's prevented breakouts, especially using it at least once a week my skin has blatantly more clear than ever before.

I've been thinking about trying some products by Glossier and doing a review because I've heard nothing but positive things about them. Let me know what you think and what products have been your skin savior, especially for those of you who are in freezing temps right now.

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