December 11, 2017

Dare to Self-Care

In the midst of the holiday madness, and as a woman who deals with mental illness, I feel like I have fifty tabs open in my head at ay given moment.  I wanted to share some little things that have made a big difference to me.

mornings · I woke up a few days ago and I found myself entirely at peace. I woke up without my alarm, but still at a reasonable hour where I wasn't wasting my day asleep, even though I really don't believe in 'burning daylight' because if you need to sleep a little bit more, sleep in. It's so important to get an adequate amount of sleep.  I also find myself in a better headspace when I wake up earlier because I an accomplish more. I can relax and give myself time to wake up instead of running out the door last minute and rushing to get ready. In the same realm of mornings, try to wash your bedsheets at least once a week; I always sleep better on clean bedsheets.

music · To get into my best headspace, I find myself listening to shoe-gaze or dream-pop. Personally, music where the sound overpowers the vocals, or the vocals are more soothing to listen are the most relaxing to me because I'm not focusing on the words and I find myself just listening and enjoying a song. Some of my favorite bands to listen to as of late are LANY (I'm a bit partial to the name,) and Børns. Movie scores are also a good option because they're instrumental. My favorite scores are Chocolat and Fantastic Mr. Fox. Hamilton is also a great soundtrack if you want to get lost in a story that is accompanied by brilliant songs.

list making · I've talked about this before, but it helps my immensely to write everything down that I need to get done so I can physically check it off. It's nice to see the progress I'm making with something. This has been especially helpful when making gift lists for people. Aside from gifts, I've had a lot of appointments, and because I commute to work it helps to make sure I have everything packed up before I leave the house. In any case, lists are the best way for me to take things out of my head and put them down on paper in an effort to organize things a bit more.

me time ·  Sometimes this seems impossible, especially if you work full-time and live with somebody, but there is always time for you. If possible at home, spend some time in your room reading, crafting, coloring, watching Netflix, or any activity that you enjoy. If you can't have the time at home, go walk around your neighborhood or go for a drive. Any time where you can spend time focusing on yourself is time well spent. 

meditation · This is something I wish I would have spent more time doing in 2017 because sometimes it just takes a quiet corner and some deep breathing to ground yourself. I love meditating because it's something that you can take time to do anywhere. I've done it in the elevator at work because it's a small corner where I can be alone and take a minute or two before going upstairs. I heard about the app Calm through Dodie Clark on Youtube, and I love it because it's easy and it's made to help people learn to meditate, and then grow in practice. 

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