October 26, 2017

Victoria Secret Haul

I don't think I've ever done a clothing haul on here, and you can tell by the photos you're about to see. But, I get so excited over packages that I want to share them.

Size-wise I fall in some sort of in-between where sometimes straight sizes are too small, and plus sizes are too large, so I would like to share my experiences for you all. I'm about 5'7, and I would say my weight is pretty evenly balanced through my body. I have a modest chest, and wider hips/thicker thighs. Therefore, the bras I don't have a problem with, but the style of underwear can impact how they fit.

Pictured above: 
Push-Up Bralette in Kir Lace
(I also purchased this in Black.)

The bralette fits well, provided I have a more modest chest. It's not adjustable, I bought it in an XL, and I have struggled getting it on, but when its on it isn't uncomfortable and it fits well. It's also a push-up, so my more modest chest ladies can have a little bit of extra help.

The undies pictured are not very comfortable. I've worn them maybe once or twice, and bought them in a few different colors because they're dreamy. There's no stretch to them, and the waistband tends to dig into my waist when I sit. 

Both of the bras above are Body by Victoria Perfect Coverage Bras in Black with Rebel Lace and Woodrose with Rebel Lace.
The first undies are Lace-Waist Hiphuggers in Light Nude, but the photo I took brightened them. They're a bit darker in person.
The second pair are the same as the previous photo, also in Woodrose.

These are the nicest bras I have ever owned. They fit well, they're supportive, and they're durable. They haven't lost their shape. They also come in a variety of sizes, and I haven't had any issues with them yet.

The Hiphuggers are my favorite undies VS carries. They're soft, comfortable, and I wear them until they're on their last thread. The lace on the waist band hasn't torn, and for holding a lot of weight in my waist, they cover everything well and are very flattering. They are also full coverage, so there aren't unflattering lines when I wear leggings with them. I also bought the Hiphuggers in a white pair that is covered in small hearts and says Angel across the back.

The first two are the High-Leg Brief Panty in Kir and Ensign Blue.
I can't find the third one, but it's similar to the other two.
These are the second most comfortable undies I have ever owned, and my only issue with them is when they wash they collect those small balls around the butt, like when you wash a sweater. That's only occurred in the middle pair, which is strange because I have a few more pairs in the same fabric and cut that have washed and dried successfully.

The first pair is also in the High-Leg Brief Panty linked above.
The second is the Hipster Panty in Animal Print.
The first pair fits so well, and the stripes are see-through. However, I have only worn these maybe twice and there are already four holes in the see-through parts, which is disappointing.
The second pair is so soft. I wish they still had this print in stock because they're so nice. I feel a bit tacky in them, but nobody is seeing them. They fit very well, and they match really well with the BBV Full-Coverage Bra with Rebel Lace as far as the colors go.

This all seems like a lot, but I do have the Angel card so I've collected reward points and received coupons. I think overall I paid around $120, which to me is a reasonable investment for four bras and eight or nine different pairs of undies that are higher quality.

My favorites are by far the Body by Victoria bras and the Lace-Waist Hiphuggers because they are the most durable, comfortable, and the best investment.
The only product I wouldn't recommend  are the last pair of undies with the netting. They come in a few different styles, but the netting doesn't hold up very well and they tear easily.

This is a little bit different for my page, but I've been enjoying these things lately, and it's really all that I splurge on, so I wanted to share them with you. I hope it was helpful, and you all enjoyed.

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