September 5, 2017

Five Things · Life Changes

I've been feeling rejuvenated. Between a new job, the start of Fall, and a new hair color/make-up stash, there has been this spark inside of me to make larger life changes. I have also been embracing my solitude when I have it, and this has caused me to reflect on myself, the things that cause my unhappiness, and the best ways to change them. In turn, I have also been embracing things that make me happy, and how I can continue to feed them and allow them to grow.

1. Feel Healthier
The amount of garbage I ate at the Renaissance Faire this weekend is unreal. I have, however, started to detox my body and workout at least once a day. I haven't been feeling my physical best because I made the decision to cancel my gym membership to save the money. I've been doing small workouts at home, keeping track of my water intake, and cutting sugar out of my beverages. I'm just getting tired of feeling sluggish, and it's in my best interest to make my body feel physically better.

2. Finance Planning
I am not too bad at saving money. It's not something I have ever been good at, but I have gotten so much better at it and I hope to have a perfected some sort of financial method that I can continue to use throughout my life. I saw this budget planner at Target that I almost bought, but I've been working on making my own with a similar structure, and once I nail it I hope to have it available to you all. There is so much that I want to do and see, and I want to have the finances to be able to do and see it all.

3. Wardrobe Goals
This is entirely fueled by the season. I have maybe three or four sweaters and two pairs of leggings that I stick to during the colder months, along with one dress and a larger cardigan that I wear often to work. Because I'm about to start working full-time, my co-workers are going to be seeing a lot more of me, and I'm making it my mission to expand my wardrobe to more dresses, skirts, and shoes. I've also started dappling in sewing scarves and shawls to dress up more plain outfits. 

4. Spending More Time with Friends and Family
My cousin came home from school the other day, and I'm afraid with the passing of my grandma that my family is going to drift. This idea sparked after a large, unnecessary argument between everybody. But, I've missed spending time with my family, and I am happiest when I am around them. Luckily, we celebrate a lot of holidays and birthdays around this time of year, so I'll get to see them more often. As far as friends go, I would like to spend more time with the ones that I have along with making new friends and reconnecting with older ones. 

5. Travel More
There is so much that I would like to see and do, and making a list isn't a horrible idea if I can take on smaller chunks of things I want to do throughout the year, like an Autumn To-Do List, but just a list of things that I want to see would cease to end. I do have a few plans for next year, though, and I would really like to see things and begin traveling again because it's been a while since I have had the chance to stay away from home.

Thank you all for reading. Wish me luck. <3

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