August 6, 2017

Happy as a Clam

Hello. (:

I am on a bit of a time crunch this morning. I feel as though I am always in a bit of a time crunch. Some day I will be able to stop and smell the roses again.

Today is August 4th. With my Panera rewards card, I get a free bagel every day this month and I have already used it twice. Last time I checked, it was 58 degrees outside and this weather brings nostalgia for road trips to Wisconsin in late October. There are slivers of blue skies underneath the storm clouds. I am in an oversized cardigan and a black dress, writing poetry and becoming a morning person.

I feel at home.

Last week I went to the Dunes. I have a plethora of photos from that trip and I am realized my true happiness is an overcast beach. When I live on my own, I want to live by a body of water because it is calm and there is no greater peace than doing a dead man's float with your ears underwater. The sound is muffled, and the sky is in unison with the lake. I collected handfuls of beach rocks, which I will be using for a terrarium. Overall, it was a beautiful day. 

I visited a barcade. It was the same one I went to with an old flame back in December, and it only hurt a little bit. But, after some gin drink garnished with spinach, and enough rounds of Pac-Man to do permanent damage to my eyes, I was happy again. I'm elated that I can find new happiness in the corners where sadness is supposed to linger.

I went to a Blueberry Farm in Indiana and I picked so many blueberries with my family, and had a massive veggie burger. It was a long, hot day, but if I'd rather pick all of my fruit for the rest of my life. My family is a good bunch, and it had me looking forward to the apple orchard. This weather helps that, too.

I am writing a book of poems with intentions of being published by the end of the year. 
That's all I'm going to say about that.

Here's to August.

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