August 15, 2017


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I am telling you that my idea of self-care is a bath at 11:30pm, lights off, white Iris candle burning, English Lavender soap, the window cracked so you can feel a brisk August breeze, and this album. 
 Here I am, coming at you at 12:48am in an effort to explain how this album has me feeling. It's created by Ned Russin of Title Fight, so we are off to a good start.

 It's just very cool. It feels nostalgic with the instruments chosen and the tone of his voice. It feels like summer, which is fitting with one of the tracks being called Central Air. God, I am awful at reviewing music. It's because I'm too busy obsessing over it. Everybody is talking about their favorite tracks, and mine is probably Self Portrait (although that is subject to change as I listen to the album a thousand more times.) But, this is an album where I wouldn't pick just one track to listen to because the album in it's entirety is not that long. The songs play so well into one another, it's like listening to a dream.

I could also brag about Ned for hours. That man has so much talent, passion, and gratitude, and knowing that he is behind this project fuels an extra amount of my adoration for it. 

You can listen to it here, but I strongly urge you all to go support him on Bandcamp.
It's only $4 for the album.

This post probably made no sense and I apologize for the rambling and lack of adjectives. There are some things that I can't find the words for, and this album is one of them. It's difficult to find new music, especially music that makes me feel like this does. It's unique, and dream-like, and it resonates quite beautifully inside of me. This will easily be on repeat for a while, hope you check it out. xo

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