June 6, 2017

On Tying Up Loose Ends


One of my goals for June is to tie up loose ends, and to finish things that I am halfway through, and I wanted to elaborate on that because I've found it to be a dominant trait in my personality. 

I relish in finish things: shows, movies, books, projects, etc. I love when things are completed because I feel accomplished, and relieved that I don't have it hanging over my head waiting to be done. It's rewarding, but also a bit complicated because I feel like I don't necessarily get to enjoy things as much as others as I am in a rush to finish them. But, this is also great for me because it causes me to be productive, and complete tasks. I think this derives from elementary school when we had the privilege of reading recreationally when we would finish our tests, so I rushed through a test just so I could read a book. Since then, I've always wanted to finish things because once they are done, I can move onto other things I can enjoy, and can therefore enjoy more things in a short amount of time.

Does any of this even make sense?
Does anybody else do this?

Here's my list of things I plan to finish before the month is over so I can start new fun things in the second half of the year:

- Finish crocheting green scarf, and small Groot for Sarah.
- Finish watching Arrested Development, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
- Finish reading The Shack, and Jonestown book.
- Finish writing short story, and editing it.
- Finish organizing my room, and patching up holes, and paint it!

With all of these things done, I can begin new books, new craft projects, and new Netflix shows, all while living in a room that feels more like home to me. 

Here's to June!

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