May 26, 2017

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It's the Friday before a three day weekend, and although I work for a majority of the weekend I have some fun plans in my spare time, including an overdue game night with a handful of my favorite people. Since this weekend is extended, and I wanted to share another W.L.R.P. to fill some extra time, and offer suggestions of things to do this weekend.

To Watch · Pan's Labyrinth
I ramble on about this film here, but when I show people this movie they either end up loving it, or turning it off because they don't want to read the subtitles. The movie is in Spanish and it follows a young girl named Ophelia who meets a faun in her new step-father's backyard maze, and the faun tells her she needs to compete three tasks because she is their princess. Meanwhile, her step-father is a Captain in the Spanish Civil War, and her mother is pregnant. Each character has their own fully developed story, and this movie makes me feel a spectrum of emotion. You can find it for less than $5 at your local Barnes and Noble.

To Listen To · Black Kids
This is a band I found on a whim back in 2008, and I have adored ever since. They only released one album called Partie Traumatic, and it's a banger from start to finish. This year, they've released their second album called IFFY, and I've been listening to it on repeat. It radiates polar opposite vibes from their first album, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I would recommend their first album because it's a personal all-time favorite.

To Play · The Game of Things
I cannot wait to bring this game around my friends on Saturday because I've only played it with my cousins. This is one of the most fun games I have ever played. It's similar to Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, except you write in your answers which is where the answers get ridiculous and they can be anything that somebody's mind can come up with. The creativity in this game is wild,  and it's been the cause of a lot of inside jokes between my cousins and I. (Including, but not limited to, Bob Duncan and the semi-aquatic, egg laying, mammal of action.)

To Read · The Sun is Also a Star
Every time a young adult comes into work looking for something to read, I recommend Nicola Yoon. She also wrote the novel Everything, Everything which was adapted into a beautiful movie. This is her second novel that follows a young Jamaican girl, Natasha, who's family is going to be deported at the end of the day. She is going into the city to meet an immigration lawyer when she meets a young Asian man, Daniel, in the city for his Yale interview. They end up spending the bulk of their day together causing me to turn into an emotional wreck as they meet each other's families, and get to know each other better. The best part about this novel is that it seems semi-autobiographical because Yoon is Jamaican, and her husband is of Asian descent, so that makes this novel that much intimate.

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