May 5, 2017

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With the weekend kicking off tonight after work, I'm always looking for different things to do to fill my time up, but in a leisurely way. These are somethings that I have been enjoying recently, and I've decided to share them with you in my first time posting one thing to watch, to listen to, to play, and to read.

To Watch · La La Land
I am obsessed. I rented it from the Redbox, and I ended up keeping it for three days. If I can't watch it, I listen to the soundtrack. It's a beautiful story, it's aesthetically pleasing, and the music is beautiful. Mia and Seb's song gives me goosebumps every time it plays. I cannot talk about this movie enough. You can get it for $1.50 in the Redbox, if you watch anything this weekend, make it La La Land.

To Listen To · Cleopatra
Earlier in the week, I mentioned the Ballad of Cleopatra because I was swooning over it. I'm highly recommending you give the entire album a listen this weekend because it's beautiful. It tells a delicate, spine-chilling story, while staying true to the Lumineer 'stomp & holler' sound. Every song on this album makes me sing along, and dance a bit, and fills my body with love.

The Play · One Night Ultimate Werewolf
My cousin bought this, and we played it on a whim one time and it is so much fun! Although it's considered a strategy game, it only takes about ten minutes to entirely learn how to play, and each round is a minute and a half, so it's a quick play and there time for multiple rounds, which, trust me, you'll want to play. 

To Read · All the Bright Places
This is currently my staff recommends at the bookstore that I work at, but you can also read me swooning over it here. If you're into books about two teens who fall in love that is going to break your heart into a million pieces, this is the book for you. It will steal your heart, and it will fill your heart with the story of Violet and Finch and their bizarre and beautiful romance. It's also a page turner, so I recommended it because you will more than likely get through it in the weekend.

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