May 16, 2017

Netflix and Chill

There is nothing quite like coming home after a long day of work and changing into pajamas, a bralette and leggings, or any other various loungewear and turning on Netflix. I am a huge movie buff. I love to watch new movies, or movies I have never seen before, and binge watch TV shows. There's something about falling down that rabbit hole of a world that isn't mine, and being lost for a few hours.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you my favorite things to watch, both on and off of Netflix, alongside an outfit from the website Adore Me, that I think would be perfect to wear whilst indulging in some much needed me time.

If you haven't heard about Adore Me, here's how it works.
When you first enter the website, you take a quiz which includes questions about your style, and your sizes to tailor products directly towards you in what's called their Showroom, which is awesome because it covers a wide variety of cuts, styles, and covers each category if products they have to offer.
Your first set is only $19.95, which is a deal provided just how many things Adore Me has to offer, and the high quality of all of their products. You can sign up here, take your quiz, and check them out!

The Strangers is hands down my favorite horror film. It creeped me out when I first saw it, and then I needed to walk home from my friends. I get nervous being home alone after watching this film. It's so genuinely creepy, and although the concept of people lurking around a house isn't necessarily original, it's done in such a brilliant, spine-chilling manner. Although it isn't on Netflix, I'm sure you can find the DVD for cheap because it came out in the late 2000s. ALSO, there's a sequel coming out!!!!!
I've decided for this film to explore the activewear section for an outfit that is cozy enough to watch a movie in, and also easily run to and from the bathroom from when you're afraid that the Strangers are behind your shower curtain! I picked the Anaka Plus because I love the mesh sleeves on these, and the joggers are versatile enough to wear both out and about, and around the house. I also prefer outfits that are either a short sleeve tee shirt and pants, or a long sleeve top and shorts. But, I have a tricky time wearing both long pants and a long sleeve top, and short sleeves with shorts. That's a theme you'll see frequently throughout this post.

I'll be honest, I did not start Parks and Rec at the same time as everybody else started it, and I was very late to jumping on the bandwagon. I also still have one season left, but I am obsessed with the show. It's been a while since I found a show who's characters I am entirely invested in, that makes me laugh out loud, and also makes my heart full of emotion.
I feel like Parks and Rec is a show you watch on a cozy night in with your friends, so I've picked the Kirsteen Plus for this because it's simple, but it's casual for a night with some friends, and I love the colors of it.

Season three of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is coming out this month, and this is one of my favorite shows that's ever been created. This show follows Kimmy Schmidt, who has been living in a bunker in Indiana with an insane pastor, before they are found and she's taken to New York for an interview, deciding to stay there. It's a comedy, and I believe Tina Fey works on it. 
To channel your inner Titus in his hit single Pinot Noir, I'd choose the Riya Contour Plus set. Normally, I wouldn't like the red, but it fits the context of this episode so well that I can't help but swoon over it. It also comes in a nude and black that I've been eyeballing.

I may or may not be so obsessed with the movie that I bought the exact dress she is wearing in that photo...
La La Land is not on Netflix, but it's in the Redbox and I am absolutely in love with it, with everything about it. I love the filmography, and soundtrack, the color scheme, the plot, the characters; if you can name an aspect of a film, I love it in La La Land. 
For this film, I picked the Jayne Plus, primarily for the color. It's the same color as Emma Stone's dress the first night she goes out and meets Seb. I also think the style has a more vintage feel to it, much like the film. 

This photo is not my favorite generation, although I have swooned quite hard over Alex for a long time, but Skins UK (we don't talk about the US one...US one? What US one?) has easily been one of my favorite shows from my scene phase to now. It's the life I would have killed to live growing up because all of their problems are entirely too real. Sure, they get a little dramatic, but it's a bunch of teenagers, and it never comes off as cheesy or over the top. I'm considering rewatching this over the summer, primarily to see James Cook back in action, but just to feel every overwhelming emotion this show gave me the first time around.
For this, I'm pairing it with Emilyn Plus. This one piece gives a sense of danger being entirely lace with a deep plunge, and I can easily picture somebody in Skins wearing something this risqué, but it's extremely beautiful and I would love to own it.

Let's wrap this post up with my all-time favorite show: Gilmore Girls.
Update: Googling images of Gilmore Girls while watching the end of La La Land has produced more goosebumps on my body than I ever thought possible.
Gilmore Girls is the perfect show to watch at any given time, but especially in the Fall and the Winter to really get the 'back to school' and 'first snow' vibes. For this one, I picked something similar to the Kirsteen Plus, called the Isobel Plus where the top has long sleeves, but the bottoms are shorts. This is because I don't like to wear both long sleeves and long pants, or a tank top and shorts. I like to mix them up so one article is long, and one is short. These make me feel like I'm going to watch movies with Lorelai and Rory, where they are casual, but also extremely cute and good for a night with people, or alone.

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