May 2, 2017

Five Things · Favorite Albums

No better day than the first of the month than to start PEDIM, or Post EveryDay in May. 
Then, back to our regularly scheduled posts of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I thought I would come on here today and talk about music. As a commuter, I spend a lot of time listening to music when I walk, ride my bike, take the trains, and buses. I listen to a wide variety of music, which you can see here, but there are a small handful of artists and albums I would not be able to live without, and I wanted to share them with you.

Hozier · Hozier
I don't have enough kind words to say about this album. It started with Take Me to Church, and a co-worker of mine recommended I check out his music video for that song, which led to a spiral of the rest of his music. It has feel good music, it has sad music, it basically covers an entirely emotional spectrum, and he does it in such a haunting and beautiful way. He also has a link on his website to a specific download of Cherry Wine, that sends the proceeds to a foundation dedicated to domestic violence. Please give it a listen from start to finish. You won't regret it.

Death Cab for Cutie · Codes and Keys
DCFC's entire discography is gold. My favorite songs written by them are scattered on all of their albums. But, this was has a nostalgic sound to it, and it has the majority of my favorite songs on it. I also think all of its songs flow into one another beautifully (which is no different from any of their other albums,) but I like the tone of this album a lot. It makes my whole body feel nice.

Title Fight · Floral Green
I have nothing to say about this album other than I love it. The lyrics in this entire album are so poetic, and I think sometimes they get looked over, but I could honestly sit down and just read the lyrics like poetry and my heart would be so fulfilled. But, their sound is so beautiful and unique, so hearing them perform these words is an otherworldly experience. They're angsty, but their sweet, and they stay humble. The artwork from inside of the album is hanging above my bed, and I adore it just as much.

Arctic Monkeys · AM
Alex Turner absolutely has my heart, in any project he has done. I've been a fan of the Arctic Monkeys for years, and I prefer their older work to this album. I like the energy of Suck It and See. But, this album made the list because it is  so different. It has a darker tone than their previous albums, which gives it a haunting, mysterious vibe. But, there are some songs which I think channel their older sound, and those are my favorite tracks on the album. I would have loved to see them on tour for this album. 

AFI · Crash Love
Unpopular opinion: I love this album. 
I love it for the same reason I love AM, because it's different. I think all of AFI's albums visits a different genre, and explores a different style of music. This one just happens to be a personal favorite. Maybe not my favorite by AFI, that would be Decemberunderground, because that's the first album I heard by them. But, Crash Love made my favorite albums of all time because it's my most go-to album by them. I think the songs tell such a wonderful story, and the music videos created for this album were beautiful. I didn't anticipate to enjoy this album as much as I did, but it's incredible, and it really shows the wide talent that AFI continues to have.

While posting this, I realized I forgot one, but had I added it we would have gone outside of the realm of Five Things, so I'm going to include an honorable mention:
Jack White · Blunderbuss
The Lumineers · Ophelia

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