April 28, 2017

The Ballad of Cleopatra

I have so many other post ideas cued up that need to be edited, but this is a spur of the moment post because I watched this video, and I was blown away.

The Lumineers have been a favorite band of mine since their self-titled, and debut album was released in 2012. Their music sounds so full, and whole. I know those aren't accurate words to describe music...I guess I'm trying to say their music fills me and therefore makes me feel full, and whole. Wes is an incredible storyteller, and Neyla and Jeremiah's beautiful instruments collaborate with him so well, creating a simple, yet sophisticated and intricate sound.

The Ballad of Cleopatra was just released on Youtube, and it tells the story of their new album Cleopatra through music videos: Ophelia, Cleopatra, Sleep on the Floor, Angela, and My Eyes.

After watching the behind the scenes videos, Wes wrote it about a taxi driver he met who told him the story about how her two greatest moments were the birth of her child, and her divorce, after she was proposed to during the mourning period of her father.

This video and story absolutely broke my heart. When watching it, keep in mind that the female protagonist in each video is Cleopatra, the cab driver, at a different age and stage in her life. I started crying at the end of Cleopatra, and was sobbing at the beginning of My Eyes, it didn't stop until about fifteen minutes after the video ended.

Also, can we please take a moment for this:

I'm going to leave the video here, but thank you again to the Lumineers for bringing out so many wonderful feelings inside of me today, and always. I'll see you June 4th. (:

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