April 17, 2017

Church Hill Overlook

Hello, hello. As far as adventure posts go, it's been a while.

This month, I've set a goal to go on as many adventures as I can. I want to explore a bit, and see new things. One day, I was waiting for my bus to transfer, and I decided to walk around the community college campus a bit, where I found this small church around the corner. The church itself I didn't do much exploring inside of, but around the corner was an overlook, along with a gazebo that I fell in love with.

The photos above are taken behind the college at a preservation I visited when I attended there and took an Environmental Science class. There isn't much back there, especially since Winter is ending, and the plants are barely coming back to life. But, there's this quiet pond, and I absolutely adore it.

These are the shots walking across the street. I love the area neighborhoods that these forest preserves are clumped in because they're beautiful and primarily heavily wooded. There are several horse trails, and frequently deer that live in the woods the trails run through. But, there are so so so many trails, and if my bike tire wasn't broken, then I'd spend more time riding through them. Hopefully this summer. (:

These are a few photos from the gazebo at the overlook. Inside there were several travel bibles, tea lights, and candlesticks. You're supposed to light a candle in memory of somebody you've lost. I lit a candlestick for my grandma, and a tea light for my pup. After spending some time at the overlook, I found myself reflecting. One of my goals for this month was to get more in tune with Catholicism, and there are some moments that give an overwhelming sensation I cannot find the words for. But, it made me feel Faith that I felt I have lost over a span of time, and it was nice to know that although I am feeling spiritually lost, I can always be found.

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