April 6, 2017

April Goals

Hello, lovelies.

I'm only six days late on this post, and I haven't even flipped my calendar yet. Honestly, I'm not sure why I bother to buy a calendar. I never look at it, I never write on it, it just hangs for aesthetic purposes on my wall. Whether I flip my calendar or not, it's a new month, and my second favorite month of the year (next to October) because of it's a transitional season, and I think this is the month Chicago is officially going to move from Winter to Spring, and I cannot wait for nicer weather.

With a new month comes new goals to accomplish, and with the weather getting better, the motivation is real, friends.

  • Start blogging daily (We're off to the races, clearly.)
  • Attempt an outfit post?
  • Finish typing and editing my poetry project
  • Two words: Spring cleaning
  • Save $500
  • Oh my god, stop procrastinating and get a new pair of glasses
  • Get a professional interview
  • Girl, please fix your wall
  • Visit some place new
  • Explore my religion a bit more

*update: the calendar has been flipped.*

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