March 21, 2017

World Poetry Day · Triplets

This is a poem I wrote April 24th, 2014.
It's potentially one of my favorites, but I've never posted it on here, and what better day to do it than World Poetry Day.


I've become accustomed to cologne and smoke in my respiratory system

and the familiar sound of 8-bit games, and the
nights where we'd talk for hours about the people we are.

I began to believe I was superior to where "I had settled,"
and that's a direct quote from your passionate lips.
Never would I have envisioned they were capable of such defeat.

It's the feeling of a dead weight in my stomach I could have done without,
and you're leaving for the summer.
Not only the state, but us without a conclusion.

I believe this voicemail is nothing but hollow letters strung together by an empty voice.
And to think it's the same empty voice I was thirsting to hear before.
Now, it makes my stomach rot.

I'm not sure why
anything surprises me

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