March 30, 2017

March Goals · Update

Hello, hello.
I decided to bring in the update about the goals I set for myself for March, and check in on how I did throughout the month before setting my April goals, which will be posted next week. (:

1. DIY at least once this month (preferably once a week)
- I actually finished crocheting my new favorite scarf, and I started a new one. I learned a brand new stitch, and for the first time I'm using two different yarn colors, and I absolutely love the way it's turning out.
In April, I want to try to make one of the wall yarn hangs, but I'll go into that a bit more next month. (:

2. Workout on the days I don't work · Reach first goal weight
- I didn't reach my first goal weight, but I started going to the gym more often, and being more aware of what I eat. So, I feel physically better than I did at the beginning of the month, and I can see a lot of physical changes in myself, and I love every part of it. Baby steps.

3. One new adventure every week · Take more photos · Start new disposable camera
- It's so hard to go on adventures without a car, but I did manage to find a small church, and explore it's lookout a little bit. Those photos will be up next week. I'm hoping for more things during the month of April. It's also been very grey here, and it's been bringing down my mood because I just want to get out and do things, and the weather is awful.

4. Go to a concert
- Nope. /:

5. Reach $1,000 in my bank account
- Not quite, but I've gotten a lot better with saving, and there's an app that's been helping me that's getting it's own post next week, so be on the lookout for that. 

6. Go on at least one professional job interview.
- I haven't gone on one, but I have one scheduled for April 6th, so I'm considering this accomplished!

7. Don't drink for thirty days.
- Done, and done. I've gotten a lot of grief for this one, but come the end of Lent I'll post all about it because I'm trying to not drink until Easter. 

- I think I found this and thought it was a good idea, but to be honest, I haven't looked at this since the beginning of the month. I still love the concept of this, maybe sometime this year we'll work through this one.

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