March 2, 2017

Lent · Giving Up Alcohol


Following suit of videos by Dodie Clark, Lucy Moon,  and Savannah Brown, I've decided to take Lent this year more seriously than past seasons, and stop drinking for forty days. 

Whilst watching all three of these videos, there were snippets in each that I identified with. When I go out with my friends, it just feels natural to order a beer, especially now that we have found a bar that serves $1 tallboys, and $10 pitchers of mixed hard liquor. Starting with the financial factor, I tend to only take $20 out if we are going to the bar, which is usually once a week. But, look at that on a macro level, that's $80/month, which means within these next forty days I will save at least $100, which is motivation enough for me to stick to this.

Aside from finances, I'm hoping I'll learn within the next 40 days where the desire to drink comes from. Watching Dodie's video, she learned that she just needed to have a drink in her hand at an outing, and found it easy to replace with Diet Coke, or any other beverage. I'm looking for the reason that I drink so often, and that I feel like I need to be drunk to have a good time.

I've decided to do this because I am tired of falling asleep feeling dizzy, and sick, and trying to piece together my nights after. I don't want to be under the influence, and embarrass myself in front of strangers. Finally, I've found myself not sleeping very well, and making poor decisions when I drink, and I want to push that aside for at least these next forty days, and see what kind of person I am socially without using alcohol to fuel my personality.

I'll be checking in after forty days to show you all what I've learned, and I'm looking forward to you all being involved in this Lenten season with me.

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