March 21, 2017

23 Songs in 23 Years

Hello. (:
I thought I would share a bit about myself with you all, and what better way to do that but in music. In the past, I'd put up monthly playlists of the things I've been listening to that I was enjoying. I think I'm going to start making those again, but I'm going to break it up into seasons so instead of twelve different playlists, you'll get four a year that are much longer.

On this post, I wanted to focus on the songs that have shaped me, one song for every year that I've been alive. Instead of picking songs that I listened to in that year, I've picked songs that were released in each year that have had some kind of impact on me as I've grown, along with a small explanation underneath each one. (2006 was a tricky year, that was my biggest step into music and the music that I love today.)

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making this.

1993 · 500 Miles by the Proclaimers
This is one of those songs that has consistently shown up while I've grown up. It also reminds me of How I Met Your Mother. 

1994 · The Sign by Ace of Base
Somewhere in my VHS collection is a video of me playing air guitar and singing along to this song. I think this is the song that inspired me to start playing guitar. It's also in an episode of Full House when Stephanie and Gia start a band.

1995 · Strange Things · Randy Newman
My favorite song from Toy Story, which was the first movie I saw in theaters. Also, every time I talk about Stranger Things my mom sings this song.

1996 · How Bizarre · OMC
This brings back memories of sharing a room with my mom when I was four, and hearing this song with her in the car. I love his voice, and the lyrics are fun.

1997 · MMMBop · Hanson
This was potentially the trickiest year, but I just learned the words and I am stoked. 

1998 · My Heart Will Go On · Celine Dion
When this song would play on the radio, it would play with clips from Titanic, which is one of my favorite films to this day. How do you not cry when the band gets back together?

1999 · Summer Girls · LFO
I'm the only person who remembers this song, but the lyrics are so memorable and it's just a fun song to sing along to. I used to have this on a cassette.

2000 · Bye Bye Bye · NSYNC
This list wouldn't be complete with some NSYNC on it, especially the video of them as marionettes. Musical gold. I also sang this song on stage with one of my teachers on our Six Flags trip in 8th grade.

2001 · It Wasn't Me · Shaggy

2002 · Complicated · Avril Lavigne

2003 · Get Low · Lil Jon
Also still a banger. This song holds so many memories at bars, clubs, and house parties, and it's a song that everybody knows the words to. It just brings everybody together, and makes for a lot of laughs.

2004 · Jesus of Suburbia · Green Day
This is the first album I bought with my own money, and I had a hard time picking only one song off of this album to feature, but this one ties with Homecoming as my favorite song off of this album.

2005 · Beverly Hills · Weezer
This is the song that got my into Weezer, and you're going to find a common theme throughout some years where I came late to the game on some amazing bands. Forever thankful for this song because who would I be today if I didn't know about Weezer?

2006 · Miss Murder · AFI
2006 · Dani California · Red Hot Chili Peppers
See? Late to the game.
I watched music videos on Comcast on Demand, and these two videos popped up, causing AFI and RHCP to become two of my favorite bands on the music scene.

2007 · Romeo and Juliet · The Killers
I haven't featured the Killers yet, but they were a vital band for me, especially their album Sam's Town. This is a cover they've done, but it remains one of my favorite songs by them to this day.

2008 · Don't Trust Me · 3OH!3
Ah, the scene phase. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't still listen to 3OH!3/obsess over them from time to time. It brings out my inner scene-weenie, and their entire album Want is potentially one of my favorite albums ever written. 

2009 · Hotel Room Service · Pitbull
The beginning of my love for Mr. 305. This is similar to Get Low in the sense that when it comes on everybody knows the words, but I remember singing this in the backyard, and screaming when I finally saw him perform this song.

2010 · Bulletproof Love · Pierce the Veil
Pierce the Veil was one of my favorite bands for a few years, and they were my first favorite band I had that really fit in with the music me and all of my scene friends had in common. Some kid I went to high school with stole my copy of Selfish Machines, but it's so nostalgic that I would love to own a copy again.

2011 · Monday Morning · Death Cab for Cutie
This is the year that I went away to college, and my roommate Susan introduced me to DCFC. The rest is history, and they're now one of my favorite bands. So much so that I've seen them twice live. Codes and Keys came out in 2011, and it's my favorite album by them. All of the songs have a vintage sound to them, if that makes sense, and the album sounds nostalgic. I love it.

2012 · Stubborn Love · The Lumineers
The Lumineers are a band I heard on the radio, but never necessarily went out of my way to listen to until I heard this song. This introduced me to their genre of music. I also love the lyrics Keep your head up, love. It always helps get my head in a better place when I listen to it, and that goes for all of their music.

2013 · Mad Sounds · Arctic Monkeys
Best album of 2013. One of my favorite albums of all time. I loved them before this, but this album from start to finish is so well put together. It all just flows, and it's so melodic and beautiful. I'm still swooning over it.

2014 · Chandelier · Sia
Sia is so important to me as a person. She's beautiful, she's talented, she's intelligent, she does so much good, and she just seems like a wonderful person overall. It's nice to have a solid female artist to idolize, and this song is important to me because it fills me with such love and admiration.

2015 · The Greatest · Alabama Shakes
The album Sound and Color was playing at my job for a couple of months, and I thoroughly enjoyed it for the same reason I like Sia, Brittany is a strong, female single that breaks sterotypical barriers in popular music. Brittany has such a beautiful, full voice, and this song is the one that stood out the most to me because it's just so lovely, light-hearted, and fun to dance to.

2016 · Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy · Jack White
White re-released an acoustic collection of his songs, and I loved it more than anything I've heard in a while. This was one of my favorite songs off of Blunderbuss, his first solo album, and the alternative version is just so lovely. 

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