January 17, 2017

Someday (There Will Be)

There will come a day where I will lay in his bed, my head in his lap while he plays a video game, or cradled in his arms while we drift to sleep.

I will hear him talk, and he will reenact the ends of movies I haven't seen yet. He will talk about the board games he plays, and the concerts he's attended, and his eyes will gleam with excitement.

He will grasp my thigh in the car while he sings along to his favorite songs, and we stop at gas stations for unsweetened green tea, and cigarettes.

We will walk to our favorite joints for dinner, eating tacos at the restaurant attached to the recreation center, and going for coffee at two in the morning.

We still stay in some nights and watch horror films, or fantasy sagas, and spend other nights kissing under streetlamps in the park,

and I will not wish he was you.

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  1. Dude I love this. <3 It seems like you're getting over someone? It's not easy but time will heal all wounds. Hang in there.



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