January 18, 2017

Coffee Chats · Weekly Goals

This year has really hit me as the year of change. It's going to be the year that I accomplish all of my resolutions and really compose myself, and start everything off on the right foot. Although we are only three weeks into the new year, I think it's going very well. I've already seen one of my favorite bands in concert, and figured out a method to taking baby steps to complete each of my resolutions while accepting small rewards in the process, and that is through setting weekly goals.

I've made a list of things to accomplish this week, and as long as I accomplish them, I can do something nice for myself at the end of the week, but they all need to be checked off of my list. Last year, I treated myself far too often without putting any work into anything, so I really had no reason. But, I want to transform my lifestyle into a 'work hard, play hard' method. Each of my weekly goals is going to be a small step towards my bigger resolutions.

For example, for this week, I plan to:
- Workout everyday
- Pay my two bills due next week
- Pay my aunt $50
- Finish a crochet project
- Write 1 poem a day
- Fill out 1 job application
- Do my character charts for my novel
- Read 1 book
- Put money away for 52 Week Savings Challenge

It seems like a lot to accomplish in only 7 days, but it's going to be worth it once every thing is done. As long as everything on this list is finished by Saturday, there's going to be some reward. It's probably going to be a ticket to some show coming up because there are so many, or film for one of my many film cameras I haven't had the chance to use yet. 

But, I've also decided to incorporate long term goals. Tax return season is coming, and I have been dying to buy a DSLR camera for myself this year. So, I have set three large goals for myself to reward myself with a new camera, and those are:

- Complete every list of weekly goals that I set
- No calling off of work
- No spending money on food

As small as those are, I am always buying treats at work, and it sad to see how much I spend back at work on coffee and food, so starting today I'm not spending any money on food to see exactly how much I can save. Alongside no call offs, but I really want to strengthen my work ethic this year and bank as much money as I can.

I think this is going to be an effective method for me to make baby steps towards my larger goals, and to see small results in the mean time! Let me know if you have any suggestions on how you're accomplishing your resolutions this year. 

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