January 6, 2017

Christmas 2016

I don't have much to say about Christmas, I think these photos really say it all. 
We spent Christmas at my Aunt Juch's house this year, a bit different from the tradition at my grandma's house, but since my grandma passed away we have been trying to change things up a little bit and start new things, like the sock exchange. This year, I got my Aunt Chris' socks and they had a Disney theme, including snacks and Tsum Tsums. My aunt Juch and I had each other in the grab bag, and she bought me these very cute boots that I am thrilled about. I also bought Abby the same sweater I was wearing, alongside a small Bigfoot standup for her bedroom. 

(This is also an inside joke from New Years, but I haven't stopped singing the Bluno song in my head since we played Mao.)

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