December 1, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

This Thanksgiving might have been one of the greatest yet. 
Usually, every year Thanksgiving is basically the same experience. We go to my aunt's house and hang out and eat. But, this year seemed a little bit difference and I think it's because of the ages my cousins and I are all at and the dynamic that we all have now that we are at these ages. 

Samantha is thirteen, and she has a boyfriend named Brandon. Being the oldest and the youngest, it's natural for me to tease her about the boy she's dating and ask ridiculous questions about him. Normally, Samantha sits by herself and has a difficult time integrating with the rest of us, but then second I went and sat on her legs while she laid on the couch, she came to hang out with us and play ridiculous games for the rest of the night.

We played the Game of Things, and Abby introduced us to Bob Duncan, the dad from Good Luck, Charlie. Alongside the traditional jokes: semi-aquatic, egg-laying, mammal of action, and the Alaskan Bull Worm. We also watched the dog show, and saw a puppy that looked like Sia, prompting a Snapchat story of the dog walking the carpet and Maggie playing Chandelier on her phone.

Finally, we started trying to flip water bottles to try to get them to land right side up, and Abby hit herself with one. Good job, baby girl.

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