December 18, 2016

Safe Keeping

I will snap each silver lining 
on my disposable camera, and wait
one week for the drugstore to develop them.
I will shred the photos into microscopic flakes,
sprinkle them into a mason jar, 
and fill the jar with amaretto.
I will shake it like a snow globe,
like a souvenir from better times.

I will take shots of peppermint Schnapps and
let the bitter mint sting my tongue.
Let the alcohol float to my head,
and create a sea where my anxiety can float.
As the night goes on, the sea will evaporate,
plummeting my nerves through my body to my feet.
I will do a nervous dance,
my feet won't touch the ground.

I will pour the bottom of the hard cider bottles into a 
kiddie pool.
I will strip down to my swimsuit,
and do a dead man's float until I burn.
In the following weeks, I will peel the flakes
from my freckled shoulders,
seal them in an envelope, and 
overnight them to myself.

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