December 8, 2016

Five Things I Started Using in 2016 That I Love

I can't believe that I'm starting to write 2016 round-up posts, this year absolutely flew by. I don't think I've ever talked about things that I've loved through the entire year, but these are things that made such a nice impact on my life throughout 2016, that are definitely blog worthy and I wanted to share with you.

I've been watching a plethora of videos from Dodie Clark and Savannah Brown about how to go braless, the benefits of going braless, and the alternatives of bras. Victoria's Secret had a sale going on where all of their bralettes were $10.00 and I ended up purchasing 6 of them on Black Friday. I bought predominantly that blue color, a dark purple, and black. I bought a few different styles to feel them out, and there hasn't been a style that I dislike. I feel ultimately more comfortable and confident in them.

Speaking of confidence, any boots with a heel make me feel incredible. They make my legs look great, I feel more intimidating because I'm three inches taller, and they look bad ass, but still pretty cute. I bought mine from Target on Black Friday, but I have an entire wishlist of heeled boots from Forever 21, H&M, Amazon, Topshop, etc. 

This one is by Freeman's and I found it on a whim one day at the drug store, and it's been the best product I've used on my face to date. It cleans my pores, it smells a lot better than previous ones that I have used, and leaves my skin feeling so soft. It's also supposed to be an anti-stress mask, and the scent definitely aids in that department, but I also feel like any face mask is anti-stress because I feel so pampered when I have it on my face.

4. Poetry Notebook
...which is basically a plain black notebook that I write poetry in. But, I've rekindled my love for poetry this year, and it's been helping immensely with my mental health and writer's block. This notebook in particular has been the outlet for my new project that I'd like to have done by Valentine's Day, and it feels so nice to have a notebook that I continuously work in instead of sporadic notebooks with a poem or short story in each one.

Victoria's Secret has been the home to a majority of my purchases this year. Their lotion has been my saving grace this year. It's extremely hydrating, and it smells so lovely without the scent being over-bearing. It's been my savior as the weather here in Chicago has been getting worse, and I could not recommend any of their body products more.

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