December 15, 2016

Coffee Chats · On December

It's the middle of the month and I am officially burnt out. 

I have done Christmas shopping for one person, and I'll have to do the rest of it between this weekend, and next. My problem is that I have no ideas what to get anybody. My mom has me absolutely stumped this year. The only person I have any idea about is my best friend, Amanda. But, then I get ideas for everybody and I forget to write them down, so then I just forget! Christmas shopping just seems stressful this year.

I'm also a bit out of the Christmas spirit because I am missing my grandma like crazy, and it doesn't feel like the holiday season without our annual trip to Bath and Body Works and buying her gifts. There are so many things I see that I know she would love, and I can't give them to her, and that's been bringing me down lately. My family also used to go downtown each year to see the large Christmas trees and eat brunch, and we haven't done that in years, but that usually brings back the holiday spirit.

Also, working in retail during the holiday season has been a proven pain in the butt, because nobody is really in the holiday spirit, they are just frustrated by the lines, crowds, and the store not carrying the obscure item they're looking for.

I've been following the Dylan Roof trial religiously, and I've been watching evidence be revealed, and anticipating the next steps. So, if you need me any time these next few weeks, and I am not doing something holiday related, I am probably on my laptop following the trial.

I have been writing a lot of poetry this month, which has been helping immensely with any negative/depressing feelings built up inside of me preventing me from having some holiday fun. I'm filling my book up slowly, but surely, and I'm thrilled. It's been so nice to take time out specifically to write and craft.

As far as crafting goes, I haven't been able to much, lately, but I have been able to crochet a lot because I have a plethora of yarn I've been trying to get myself through before I go out and buy more yarn that I don't need. I'm planning on listing these projects on my Etsy store on January 1st. (:

I'm hoping to find the Christmas spirit within the next week, at least before the season is over! 
Happy Holidays xx.

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