August 2, 2016

June & July Favorites

1. Cassette Tapes
As everyone has jumped into vinyl, I have fallen for cassettes. They're smaller, cuter, cheaper, and they're nostalgic to me because they're what I grew up with. There will be a showcase of my collection coming up soon. I'm waiting on two to arrive at my house. (:

2. Hozier
 This has been a big summer for music. Hoosier has been on repeat and I find myself discovering new gems on his self-titled each time I listen to it. It's perfect for driving, listening to in the shower, or playing as background music when writing blog posts!

3. Title Fight
Another musical artist that has made the list. I saw Title Fight live at the end of last year and that's when I developed an infatuation for them. Now, I'm starting to appreciate all of their albums more and each of their unique sounds.

4. Orange is the New Black
The animals, the animals...
I started this show the year it came out and have been with it since. This year, I decided to rematch the series instead of the six minute recap to start season four and it drastically increased the emotional impact of each season finale and backstory. Another year extremely well done. 

5. Eleanor and Park
I did a book review on this, however I cannot stop raving about it. It's creative, sweet, witty, and you'll quickly find yourself in love with both Eleanor and Park. Teen fiction is my favorite genre and this novel depicts exactly why that is.

6. Maps and Atlases
The last band on this list that I cannot get enough of. Supposedly, they have something new coming out this year. Until that day comes, yours truly has Beware and Be Grateful on repeat.

7. Succulents
It's nice to take care of something that doesn't die, 'nuff said.

8. Dodie Clark
The absolutely sweetest Youtuber. I have been binge watching her videos. She is adorable, kind, gentle, and honest; she's an amazing role model for girls and she is doing such great things. 

9. Sheer Love
This is usually $18/bottle, but they recently had a 2/$10 sale and I bought four so, not soz.

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