May 19, 2016

May Mixtape

Spotify has once again allowed me to share playlists and I am so excited! It's been a while since I've been able to share music I'm listening to during this time of year. The photo seemed perfect for this time of year because every university besides DePaul is out already and we still have about three more weeks. Between portfolios, homework, quizzes, and working the weekends I feel like this photo truly summarizes my state of being, butI'm almost done. DePaul posted a very inspirational tweet the other day:

So close, yet so far.

These are the songs I listen to when I'm having a rough day,
when I'm studying for finals,
when I'm getting ready in the morning,
and when I just need some stress relief.
These have helped me through the crazy cold spring days in a midst of the school quarter, enjoy!

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