May 2, 2016

Coffee Chats · On Progress

(This post is going to be 100% stream of consciousness and we'll see what stays and what goes.)

This is it.
This month is my last full month of college and my head is flooded with the question,
"then what?"
I have to take some summer classes, which is what I'm going to look into tomorrow because of financial aid and classes that are available, etc. I'm hoping to get these classes done in the first five-week period of the summer, that would be golden and it would give me the rest of the summer to just work and save money and spend time around coffee and books.

Come September, these are my options:
  • Find a job in Madison and a small studio apartment to rent out for the year. This will give me a year to find myself, create, and explore my self and the boundaries of creation.
  • Move into Lincoln Park where I will spend the next two years getting my Master's, potentially studying abroad, working at the bookstore, and still stunted creatively due to homework.

These all relate back to the quote of the month above and the consideration that goes into all of my work. There are just so many possibilities, but everything I do now is what influences it.

(PS: I have been doing a good job of saving money to A+ to me.)

Everything happens for a reason, but I'm grateful to have a small slice of the internet where I can express all of this confusion and talk everything out. I promise as my number one outlet, you'll hear about it, first.

Also, if you'd like to see what keeps me motivated, follow me on Pinterest. I have an entire board dedicated to motivation.

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