December 7, 2015

Winter Break Reading List

Hello. (:
Winter break has just begun and in the midst of the madness I have finally found time to recreationally read. It's the small things that make me appreciate my spare time even more.
These are some of the novels I'm looking forward to reading over the course of break. 

1. Wicked
Because I have never seen the stage show, Wicked seems like such a magical novel to me. I've read the basic premise of the story and I have heard it's relatively difficult to get into, but with some time off in between writing, I would like to delve into the world of Oz created by Gregory Maguire.

2. Humans of New York
If work is ever slow, I pick this book up and begin to read it. There's nothing more to talk about than how beautiful this novel is. I follow all of the social media linked to HONY and the stories fascinate me. I would love to own this book, hopefully for Christmas. 

3. If I Stay // Where She Went
I saw this film a couple of months ago and I loved it as much as I thought I would. Personally, I saw a lot of style similarities to the Lovely Bones, which is one of my favorite novels and I would love to read both books in this series, as I've heard the sequel is told from Adam's perspective.

4. Girl Online // Girl Online on Tour
I am enamored with Zoella. I think she is so sweet and lovely and since the first novel was released I have been aching to own a copy and read them. The sequel is now out as well and, just as If I Stay, these seem to be quick teen reads, which are my favorite genre anyways.

5. Les Miserables
One year in my choir class, we did a Les Miserable medley and I thought each of the songs were beautiful, however I have no concept of the storyline. I haven't seen the film yet, so i thought there was no better time than winter break to take the time and read.

As always, I will be tracking these and beginning my 2016 goals on Goodreads. You can find me here and we can be friends. I will also be starting a weekly series on here come the new year where I review novels and begin talking more often about books, which will hopefully motivate my recreational reading. 

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