May 22, 2015

Meet the Bicycle. 🚲

Hello. (:

I've been putting it off for a while, but I decided to only use photos from my first bike ride to introduce you all to my new bicycle!
It hasn't been named yet. I normally name inanimate objects, but for some reason saying "I'm taking _____ for a ride" never comes out quite right...
It's a 700c Roadmaster Adventures Hybrid Bike. I chose it because it claims to work on both trails and on smooth roads and the primary reason I was using it was for the forest preserves around my house, therefore I needed something heavier, but not quite a mountain bike because I have no rough terrains in mind any time soon. This one sort of fell into my lap. I initially went in for a cruiser, but I personally thought they all looked too much like they belonged to retired old ladies. I thought this was one perfect for looking super cute and getting to where I needed to go.

It didn't come equipped with anything, so I also purchased a seat cover and I plan on purchasing a water bottle holder and a helmet. None of the helmets fit quite right...
This being said, I plan on taking more photos during my bike adventures and starting June 1st I would like to log my miles and see how many miles I bike by Christmas.
I'll leave you with a couple photos and two links to where you can also purchase this bicycle.

This one is from eBay!
This one is from Walmart!

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