November 12, 2014

Dead Leaves & the Dirty Ground Pt. I · Coopers Hawk Grove

With the end of the season approaching I realized I have missed the opportune time to get to the forest preserves and capture some autumn photos. However, I have needed some time and a relief mechanism because I have been in some negative funk lately. Going out with my camera always makes me feel more optimistic and puts me in a better mindset. I just went driving today and stumbled upon this place, although I wasn't accurately dressed for how cold it was outside and then a deer ran in front of me so I ran back to my car because I don't think a one on one with Bambi was ideal
Anyways, I made another stop so Part II will be coming soon. (:


  1. Beautiful photos! We still have a tree in our garden that seems to be a late turner and has only just started turning orange. I want it to stay that colour for the whole winter! I've never seen a deer up close and personal, I think I'd run too, I wouldn't fancy my chances in a fight with Bambi either!

    1. Oh wow, that sounds lovely. Especially orange. Unfortunately all of our trees are green and then the leaves fall right off with no autumn transition. Fall colors are my favorite and they all seem to be gone around here. /: The deer absolutely terrified me because he ran a few feet in front of me right across the trail and it came out of nowhere!


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